Just a little message at the end of this year. This has been a good year.

Looking back at this year, seeing the exhibitions that I have participated in, it has been very well. Started at the Kunstschouw in Zeeland it was a warm week with very nice visitors and lovely fellow artists. Presented the lighted objects and the first place for the Time Benders.
Followed by the month long exhibition in Galerie zone, where al kinds of different work had been presented. From 2019 stained glass to new glass lighted objects from 2022.
In the summer there was the Kunstroute Leiden for two days and two weeks of the international group exhibition from Est Art Foundation.
The last exhibitions was in Cannenburgh Castle with my work from 2019. Stained glass dimensional work.

Thanks to everyone coming the the exhibitions, for the nice talks and buying many of my artworks!

Looking forward to a new year with new things. Starting the year with Object Rotterdam Februari 10 – 12

Wishing all of you a happy new 2023! ✨

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