Object Rotterdam 2023

Dear reader, If you follow me in instagram, you already know that I am participating at Object Rotterdam this year.This is already this weekend 10-12th of Februari. You can visit me on the fourth flour. I’ve got some new work to show you so I would love for you to see it!

End of the year 2022 ✨

Just a little message at the end of this year. This has been a good year. Looking back at this year, seeing the exhibitions that I have participated in, it has been very well. Started at the Kunstschouw in Zeeland it was a warm week with very nice visitors and lovely fellow artists. Presented the

Upcoming exhibitions

24-25 of September, Kunstroute Leiden. Velowa will be exhibited at 3e Binnenvestgracht 23, Leiden.And in the same Kunstroute there will also be some of Velowa’s work exhibited at Papegaaisbolwerk 20, Leiden. 5-20 of November, Lustrum expositie. The glas of Velowa will be presented next to other glass artists. With the stained glas Velowa will be

Exhibition Zône

In the month of July, you can visit Galerie Zône in Leiden for a taste of some of the latest work of Velowa. The lighted objects mission l and ll are in full glory all over the galerie. But you wil also find the other projects here like the glass panels from Destination unknown. Where

Kunstschouw 2022

In June Velowa presented her work at the Kunstschouw in Zeeland, NL. It was a nice week with lovely weather and the work presented were the lighted objects from the series “A Search For The Universe – Mission ll”. The time benders also had their debut and hung on the walls. Visitors could walk past

ASFTU Mission ll – lllA search for the universe Mission ll is a further development of mission l. Where mission l was finding what is in the universe. Mission ll goes deeper into the explosions that happen in the universe. If it is the start of a new galaxy or maybe the explosion to the